Asterisk Consulting


Have you got an Asterisk system that needs rehabilitation? Perhaps you have envisioned a concept that you need to discuss with somebody you can trust to build it correctly? If you have an Asterisk challenge, contact us. We can help.

We've been working with Asterisk for almost 10 years. In fact, [we helped write the book about it]. (link to O'Reilly Asterisk page -

When you start with decades of legacy telephony experience, combine it with decades of VoIP experience, and add nearly a decade of Asterisk experience, what you get is a team with a mastery of their craft. Each member of our team has personally more than two decades of experience in their area of expertise. We've been there and done that.

We focus on the communication needs of your business, and we don't get excited about unproven whiz-bang technology or creative but kludgy science experiments. We know that you need simple, logical, cost-effective and reliable solutions to business problems, and we will always ensure the needs of your business stay in sharp focus.

Our passion for open-source technology stems from our desire to have the best tools. We understand both the risks and the benefits, and will demonstrate to you that a skilled team of subject-matter experts can deliver outstanding quality and reliability far in excess of what an out-of-the-box proprietary solution can deliver.

Our Asterisk consultation services include:


  • Solution Assessment
  • Solution Design and Development
  • Asterisk Re-Engineering
  • Existing System Optimization
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Database Integration
  • PBX Migration Plan

 Asterisk Phone System Asterisk Phone System

Asterisk Phone System