Telephony Hardware


Sangoma Hardware

We are authorized distributors of Sangoma telephony hardware coupled with the expertise to install and configure. Have your cards installed and configured by Core Telecom Innovations' and we can save you time or your Sangoma hardware can be shipped directly to your location.

Some of our Sangoma hardware:

  • A101-A108 PRI Cards
  • A101D-A108D (Echo cancellation) PRI Cards
  • 2-24 port FXO Analog Cards


Sangoma Hardware

We are authorized distributors of Aastra and Polycom IP Telephones. If you require 1 or 100 phones, contact Core Telecom Innovations Inc. and can meet your requirements. We can ship these directly to your site or inquire about utilizing our configuration scripts to save time and have your new sets running quickly.


  • Aastra 53i
  • Aastra 55i
  • Aastra 57i
  • Aastra 571 with cordless VoIP set
  • Aastra 9133
  • Aastra 9122
  • Aastra 480i (base model)
  • Aastra 480i (wireless VoIP set)
  • Aastra 536 BLF
  • Aastra 560 BLF


  • Polycom 301
  • Polycom 320
  • Polycom 330
  • Polycom 430
  • Polycom 501
  • Polycom 550
  • Polycom 601
  • Polycom 601 Expansion Module
  • Polycom 650