Explosive growth can quickly stretch the limits of a communications infrastructure. Unfortunatly, with many With telecommunications, very few systems are built with expansion in mind and very rarely is a system able to meet the requirements of a growing company. Scalability is the key to allowing organizations to keep the original investment dollars in any growth strategy.

Core Telecom Innovations Inc. offers limitless growth potential through our “Scalable Series” line of products. Whether you are opening new offices, managing explosive growth, or simply requiring new enhancements and applications, we offer scalable cost-effective solutions while allowing you to retain the ability to grow.

Asterisk Phone Systems


Simplicity, not complexity provides the best path to grow your business, should it not be the same for the technology you use to run that business? Our systems are flexible enough so you can manage the day-to-day administration as you see fit and powerful enough to allow our expert team support you as soon as you call.



Core Telecom Innovations Inc. realizes there are numerous companies who claim to know how to properly install the open source Asterisk software. We also know that many times customer expectations are not met and the telephony system has been improperly configured and left to function incorrectly...

Telephony Hardware


We are authorized distributors of Sangoma telephony hardware coupled with the expertise to install and configure. Have your cards installed and configured by Core Telecom Innovations’ and we can save you time...