Industry Solutions


Open Source Call Center

Your open source call center needs are as unique as your business.

For this reason Core Telecom Innovations Inc. takes the time to carefully understand your specific requirements, and define the call experience you want your customer to have when they contact you.

Our highly-scalable and flexible open source call center solutions allow for distributed agents to exist any place that they have a web enabled computer connection. All our solutions address the unique business requirements of small and growing companies, as well as large established enterprises. Rather than limit the features available to you based on size, our open source call center platform offers you the full range of features, regardless of how many lines or agents.

Multi Branch Offices

Multi-Branch Telephone System

Are you looking for a standardized telephony system that can save your business money and increase the efficiency of your employees communication across time zones? KeyNote 250 with ClearNote Multi Branch Edition software can be the solution for you. Traditionally, companies with multiple branches have not been able to capitalize on a unified communication structure. Our VoIP capable and feature rich systems provide the ability to bridge the geographical divide organizations face.

Some of the features that we can introduce to your multi-branch organization include:

Service Providers

Core Telecom Innovations Inc. can help service providers in the delivery of residential VoIP-based PSTN services to their internet-based clients. Our flexible and scalable methodologies can help deliver advanced features through our core platform which is inherently able to evolve with the industry. The core systems will be based on open source software.

The key benefits of this include:

  • Shorter time to market
  • Low cost of entry
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Less complexity
  • No costly licensing fees

Business Centre

Does your Executive Business Center require a new phone system? Would you like to generate more virtual revenue, and be able to offer your clients advanced functionality? Our telephony solution, ClearNote BCE, was desigined specifically to address the telecommunications needs of a modern Office Business Center. ClearNote BCE allows you to offer a wide range of new services to your clientele, while cutting costs and streamlining the administration of your telecommunications infrastructure. Let us help you differentiate your center from the competition, while saving money. Let us transform your business with the enhanced functionality that ClearNote BCE delivers..