Is your legacy PBX handling the demand for access to VoIP and other next-generation features and technologies?
Are you facing expensive upgrades to meet those next-generation requirements?
Do you need a more cost-effective and lower-risk way to improve your voice communications?
We can help!

Core Telecom's Integration Gateway allows you to bring the benefits of VoIP to your trusted, reliable legacy PBX. Delivered on the exact same platform as all of our systems, our Integration Gateway can be configured so that it is completely invisible to your PBX, ensuring that no complex programming changes need to be made to your PBX during the initial phases of the migration. The simplicity we have designed into our offering allows for phased migration without adding or removing existing legacy equipment. This provides you the flexibility to selectively deploy and maintain existing equipment for as long as it is needed. As your business grows and evolves, users can be moved off the legacy PBX onto the Integration Gateway, allowing for a gradual, managed, cost-effective, and risk-free migration to next-generation voice features such as VoIP.

When your Integration Gateway is installed, the following are some of the features that will immediately be available to you:

  • DID Twinning - incoming DIDs can continue to ring into the existing PBX, but can simultaneously be twinned with other resources (such as having your office DID ring your desk phone and mobile phone at the same time)
  • VoIP Trunking - your new Integration Gateway can be configured to re-direct long distance, overseas or even corporate network calls onto more cost-effective or feature-rich VoIP-based services.
  • Backup Phone System - Our Integration Gateway can be fully programmed to act as a backup system to your existing PBX. Disaster recovery planning can take advantage of the power of this flexible, feature rich platform.
  • Foreign Exchange trunking - our Integration Gateway allows you to subscribe to VoIP services around the globe. Order a DID in a foreign city, and have it connect directly to your existing PBX on the exact same circuits as any normal call from the public telephone network.
  • Remote Users - extend your office by configuring remote users on our PBX Gateway. Remote users can connect to the PBX gateway using softphones, or through our remote gateway.
  • Personal Automated Attendants - our system allows for unlimited automated attendants. Complex call flows and even advanced IVR applications can enhance your ability to handle incoming our outgoing calls.
  • Meet Me Conferencing - Never pay for hosted conferencing again. Our PBX Gateway has conferencing built right in.
  • Web based administration - manage the phone system from your internet connected phone.

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